Wizard-of-Oz Testing

Deciding User Interaction Flow

First, our team thought through our ideas and decided to go with our "Rose, Bud, Thorn" concept.
(We later realized that collaborative storyboarding wasn't so far off from Google Slides anyhow!)

After deciding to go with our "Rose, Bud, Thorn" concept, we brainstormed alternative names
that would be friendlier to all genders. We used these names as a jumping-off point for user interface ideas.

We thought through the key functionality pieces that we would want to distinguish in our two prototypes,
and we also considered what kind of people to invite to give feedback on our presentation.

After drawing through many different ideas, we settled on two prototype ideas.
Each would show a different way to 1) view and 2) upload one's "RBT."

Wizard-of-Oz Prototypes

Wizard-of-Oz Testing

We tested both of our prototypes with 4 different users. See our notes here.

Wizard-of-Oz Test Insights

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