Functional Prototype I

Deciding Prototype Features

Our team met multiple times this week to hash out the key vision and features for our app.
We referred back to our previous brainstorms and tried drawing out what we wanted the experience to look like.

To help us determine which features to have in our prototype, we each wrote out our own Rose, Bud, and Thorn for the week,
and then described what kind of rich media we would use to share those experiences.

This led to several key insights:
1) we mostly saw ourselves using photos rather than other media to share our experiences;
2) we could easily picture our "rose" photo but struggled to think of appropriate "thorn" photos; and
3) we saw how a mobile device influenced not only the UX, but also what media were available for sharing.
These insights led us to develop our functional prototype with just one RBT photo as opposed to three rich media items.

In coming up with our final list of features, we referred back to our Wizard-of-Oz testing and listed out the core ideas.

Essential Prototype

In addition to deciding how to build the essential prototpe for this week's milestone, we also determined desired future features.
Please see "Future Implementation Priorities" below to see how we plan to expand beyond the essential prototype.

Current Implementation Progress

Screenshots! They're pretty!

Future Implementation Priorities

  1. Highest Priority

    1. User Accounts. Create a new user, edit personal profile photo, Facebook Login
    2. Friend/Group System. Add/request friends, post to group or to self
    3. History. View personal RBT history. View friends' RBT history?
  2. Medium Priority

    1. In-app Photo Capture.
    2. Sound and Video. YouTube embedding/linking, direct file upload, in-app capture
    3. Private commenting/messaging. Either comment direclty on RBTs, or have separate messaging
  3. Low Priority

    1. Save without posting. User flexibility to save drafts
    2. Filter by R, B, or T.
    3. Weekly structure. Reminder system

We recognize that the list above is highly ambitious, and we will continue to determine which features to prioritize over the coming weeks. We welcome your feedback!

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